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We are IONet

About us

IONet is an IT outsourcing company that manages its processes as a face-to-face and remote help desk
for its customers in end-user support, cloud and on-site servers and IP telephony.

We complement our customers’ IT strategies and procedures with robust backup schemes and the best practices

that seek the stability, scalability and flexibility of our customers’ IT resources.

We believe in a culture of recognition of talent, promoting professionals, and external relationships.

We work with high quality equipment to ensure the performance and the reliability you need.


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Customers in Colombia and the USA


Different customer industries

*According to customer satisfaction survey year 2022.


Devices managed




IONet is an IT company that provides support and maintenance services for computer equipment and servers, IP telephony, and server virtualization.

We have the best technology and a highly trained team that responds to market needs to achieve the highest quality standards and complete customer satisfaction.


By the year 2025 IONet wants to have a market share of 5% in IT Tech Support in the city of Miami, offering its customers a flexible, accessible and
high quality service.


Additionally IONET is a company highly committed with the environment. Among its objectives is the generation of products that allow the reduction of environmental pollution with the help and commitment of our customers, employees, suppliers and third parties.

Finally, IONET oversees the life cycle of the used devices and reuse those useful components in order to have the least possible impact on the environment.

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Jessica González

Administrative Assistant

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On-Site Support Leader

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Administrative Assistant

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Systems Technician

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Graphic Designer

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Systems Technician

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Support Technologist