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Remote Server Support


Remote Server Support

Would you like to quickly solve the technical issues presented by your organization’s servers? This is now possible thanks to remote support, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Garantice el funcionamiento óptimo y mantenga bajo control su infraestructura de sistemas.

Ensure optimal operation and
keep your server's infrastucture
under control.

Contacto por el aplicativo SATI o por llamada, para solucionar los requerimientos de manera rápida y eficiente.​

Contact through call or SATI app, to
solve the requierements in the fastest
and most efficient way.

Acceso a una asistencia rápida desde cualquier parte del mundo en el que tenga conexión a internet.

Access to a quick assistance from
any place around the world with

El 85% de los requerimientos en los sistemas se pueden solucionar remotamente.

85% of the servers' requierements can
be solved remotely, which makes it
faster and cheaper.

Contamos con un Software licenciado y seguro.

We use a secure and licensed software
to connect to our client's servers with
prior authorization

Presentamos soluciones inmediatas y seguras con el fin de mantener la estabilidad de su sistema.​

We present inmediate and secure
solutions in order to maintain the stability
of your servers.


Request a quote for free

  • Start a chat via WhatsApp
  • Write an email
  • Or call us at +1(954)2676602
*Choose the option you prefer, we will gladly answer your query.


Request a free quote

  • Start a chat via WhatsApp
  • Write an email
  • Or call us at +1(954)2676602
*Choose the option you prefer, we will gladly answer your query.

Our Services


Remote Tech Support

We can help you with everyday difficulties fast and remotely using our licensed remote control software.


Cloud Platform Administration

We can manage your cloud infrastructure like cloud servers, email or storage so you can focus on your productive tasks.


Remote Server Support

We can manage, backup and optimize your servers from anywhere and make sure they are secure and robust.


Remote VoIP Support

Communicate fast and reliably with your offices and branches around the world.


Advanced Backups

This innovative service combines a state of the art thread detection mecanism and a cloud connected backup to ensure your files dont get lost.


Server Virtualization

If you have more than one server we can virtualize them either on the cloud or on premises so you can manage them more efficiently.