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Cloud Platform Administration

Cloud services are secure, fast, flexible and most importantly, they grant access to the information from any place around the world.

The service is responsible of the administration of platforms on the cloud, folders creation, advice, recommendations, platforms renewal and updated accounts inventory.

Dropbox Business: This service allows users to store, synchronize and share online files with other users even using different devices.

One Drive: Access your documents, images, and other files, and share them from any type of smart device. Use OneDrive to improve your productivity and teamwork.

Google Drive: Get full backup of your files and access through any device at any time.

Azure: Compiles and implements the infrastructure you need in a flexible way. only pay for what you need.

G Suite: Use the office and business tools Google has to offer to increase productivity in your business

Amazon AWS: Use its cloud storage, elastic computing, mobile apps, databases among others. Optimize your server and cloud infrastructre.

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    Remote Tech Support

    We can help you with everyday difficulties
    fast and remotely using our licensed remote
    control software.

    Remote VoIP Support

    Communicate fast and reliably with your
    offices and branches around the world.

    Cloud Platform Administration

    We can manage your cloud infrastructure like
    cloud servers, email or storage so you can
    focus on your productive tasks.

    Advanced Backups

    This innovative service combines a state of
    the art thread detection mecanism and a
    cloud connected backup to ensure your files
    dont get lost.

    Remote Server Support

    We can manage, backup and optimize your
    servers from anywhere and make sure they
    are secure and robust.

    Server Virtualization

    If you have more than one server we can
    virtualize them either on the cloud or on
    premises so you can manage them more