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Remote VoIP Support


Remote VoiP Support

The IP telephony system has all the characteristics of a conventional telephony system compatible with it, and at the same time, it introduces new functions that makes it more attractive for companies: Talk from anywhere in the world, reduce costs, voice quality, among others.

Mantenga comunición permanente con sus diferentes sedes alrededor del mundo sin costo alguno.

Maintain constant communication
with your branches worldwide
for free.

Garantice el funcionamiento óptimo y mantenga bajo control su infraestructura de sistemas.

Maintain control and stability of your VoIP
system so you can concentrate on your business.

El 85% de los requerimientos en los sistemas se pueden solucionar remotamente.

Reduce fixed costs and increase
flexibility, capacity and access to your
phone system.

Soporte Remoto

Soporte remoto para los
usuarios de tu empresa.

Controle completamente su sistema de telefonía.

Complete control over
your telephone system.

Copia de seguridad remota de los registros de llamadas y configuraciones.

Remote backup of call logs and settings.


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    Our Services


    Remote Tech Support

    We can help you with everyday difficulties fast and remotely using our licensed remote control software.


    Cloud Platform Administration

    We can manage your cloud infrastructure like cloud servers, email or storage so you can focus on your productive tasks.


    Remote Server Support

    We can manage, backup and optimize your servers from anywhere and make sure they are secure and robust.


    Remote VoIP Support

    Communicate fast and reliably with your offices and branches around the world.


    Advanced Backups

    This innovative service combines a state of the art thread detection mecanism and a cloud connected backup to ensure your files dont get lost.


    Server Virtualization

    If you have more than one server we can virtualize them either on the cloud or on premises so you can manage them more efficiently.